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What is Reimbursement Recapture?
If you're using FBA, Amazon is required to reimburse you for inventory that is lost or damaged (as well as over a dozen other events) in their warehouses. This doesn’t always happen automatically like it should, and the process to find mistakes and create reimbursement requests is complicated, tedious, and time consuming. With over a dozen opportunities for reimbursements, identifying and understanding the rules for each case requires a huge time commitment.

Agile Merchant will find opportunities, create tickets, and track reimbursements for you. We manage the process through to confirming reimbursements have been received, and that requests are always in compliance with Amazon policies.

Do I need a Professional Seller account?
Yes, you'll need a professional seller account to use any of our services.

How do I get my free analysis?
Contact us and request your analysis. We'll send you step-by-step instructions to download a file from Seller Central that we'll need to create your analysis. We'll email you a summary of the opportunities we've found for you.

How do I get started?
Contact us to get started. We'll send you step-by-step instructions to grant us limited access to your Seller Central account so we can analyze your data and create and manage reimbursement requests for you. It takes less than 3 minutes, and we'll take it from there.

How much does it cost to get started?
Nothing. We charge a % of what Amazon reimburses, so we don’t make anything until you do.

What percent do you bill?
We bill 40% of the reimbursements we've found. We only bill for a reimbursement once we've confirmed it's been deposited in your disbursement account, or the inventory has been replaced. We only bill for reimbursements that we've been directly responsible for (so you're not getting billed for auto-reimbursements Amazon makes).

How do I receive reimbursements?
Most reimbursements are made by cash deposited into your settlement account. Sometimes Amazon replaces an item with like inventory.

How is reimbursement value calculated?
Amazon calculates market value and adjusts for referral fees.

reimbursement value = calculated market value – referral fee (15%)

Amazon does not deduct order processing or fulfillment fees such as weight and order handling or pick and pack. This means that it is often more profitable for an item to be reimbursed than to be sold.

How long will reimbursements take?
You’ll usually see reimbursements in your account 3-5 days from approval. In certain cases, reimbursements will be immediate, or may take several weeks.

Will you recover 100% of the requests you make?
We cast a wide (but reasonable) net when identifying opportunities. This leads to better overall results, but also means we don’t get reimbursements 100% of the time.

How does billing work?
We bill monthly, and accept payment via credit card, Paypal, or check. We bill only for reimbursements that have been deposited in your settlement account or inventory that has been replaced.

How do I cancel the service?
Send us an email to let us know, and revoke access on the User Permissions page in Seller Central.

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Do I need a Professional Seller account?
Yes. In order to use our service, you'll need a professional seller account.