We love finding money for our customers.

We don’t have investors or a board of directors. Just you, our customers.

We believe:

  • In empowering businesses, no matter their size
  • Insight should be available to all, not just the Cocagooglenikes of the world
  • Our customers are the smartest people we know
  • Our product is only worth the value our customers get from it

Our mission:

  • Relieve your pain by removing technical barriers and making sense out of chaos
  • Empower you by democratizing business intelligence
  • Stop the midnight panics by giving you instant access to metrics that matter

How We Got Here:

We developed our services out of our own need to make sense of Amazon data. For years, we spent every Sunday (the only day we didn’t ship product) creating spreadsheets that were 100s of thousands of lines long, built by combining dozens of CSVs from all over Seller Central. Then, we tried to make sense out of. Pivot tables just didn’t cut it.

So we went searching for a business analytics tool, and found that most are way too expensive, require consulting services to set up, and are complex to manage and customize.

We knew there was valuable information in that Amazon data, and that most Amazon Merchants don’t want the $80,000 solution. Agile Merchant was born from our own need to get insight quickly, without computer science degrees and writing big checks.

See how we can help you.